What is PAR’s return policy?

To ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, all orders are backed by our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee! If you don't love it, send it back within 30 days of receiving your order.

Items returned in significantly worse condition than how when they were purchased are subject to a minimum 10% fee. Final fee to be determined by how many tiers the club has dropped according to our Condition Guide.

I ordered a club, but I want it regripped, shortened, extended, AND/OR reshafted. Can PAR do that before shipping it to me?

Yes! Please contact us via email (info@purchaseandresell.com) or by phone at (760) 961-4411. We are happy to fine tune your item exactly how you like it!

I ordered an item, but I need it faster than the offered shipping methods. Can PAR expedite shipping for me?

Absolutely! Please contact us via email (info@purchaseandresell.com) or by phone at (760) 961-4411 to explain how we can help you best.


Where is PAR located?

PAR operates out of our own facility in North San Diego County, CA.

Why does PAR donate to various local charities?

My name is David Bronsteen, and I am the founder of PAR. Like many, my childhood was filled with unique challenges that shaped me to be the person I am today. While we operate PAR to offer golfers a convenient way to sell their used golf clubs, it is also important to us that we spread awareness of, and support for, some of the many challenges faced by people every day.

Which charities has PAR donated to?

PAR very proudly has and continues to donate to following organizations:

  • FACE Foundation
  • Autism Society San Diego
  • Parkinson’s Association of San Diego
  • Foundation for Women Warriors
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Children’s Organ Transplant Association
  • Randy Jones Foundation
  • PGA Hope
  • PGA Youth On Course
  • First Tee Pro Kids

What does PAR stand for?

PAR stands for Purchase And Resell! Purchase And Resell, otherwise known as PAR, is a used golf store in Vista, CA 92081.


Trade-ins as easy as tap-ins? Please explain!

1. Create an account
2. Add items to your quote
3. Select Payment Method (Paypal, Venmo, or written check)
4. Check Out
5. Mail us your trade-in using instructions in your confirmation email

Why trade-in with PAR?

PAR offers industry-high trade-in values through our meet-or-beat price guarantee. Additionally, our PGA professionals are here to address promptly any of your questions or concerns. And as an extra, feel-good bonus, PAR always donates a percentage of our revenues to local charities. This is a commitment that is important to us.

Is it true that PAR offers industry-high payouts?

While most of our rates are above the competition, occasionally a higher value may be offered elsewhere. If so, let us know about it within 7 days of receiving payment and we will happily beat the competition's value.

How do I add my trade-in items to my quote?

1. Select the “Trade-In Golf Clubs” tab on top menu.
2. Then select your club type and manufacturer or use the search bar.
3. Once you locate your item, click on its picture or title to open the item page.
4. Select your club’s condition rating and click “Trade-in”. If you have more than one of the same club AND they’re the same condition, tell us how
many in the number field. Otherwise submit each club separately.

How does PAR appraise golf clubs?

PAR has created its own golf club database by surveying competitor
pricing, current market trends, and eBay resale values for over 4,000
individual golf clubs!!!

Are your prices negotiable?

The only circumstance in which we will adjust an offer is if we are made
aware that our price is lower than a qualified competitor.

My clubs are from the 20th century. Do they have any value?

OF COURSE! We will buy them as long as they are not too heavily worn and they are from a big name manufacturer.

How do I get paid for my trade-in?

For trade-ins made online, choose whether you prefer Paypal, Venmo or a business check. For trade-ins made at the PAR Trade-in Tent, then you will receive instant credit to the host golf course pro shop.

Where can I find a box to ship golf clubs in?

We suggest calling around to local golf shops, as they usually have many lying around. If you strike out there, you can always purchase multiple tube shaped boxes and combine them into one longer one! Check out USPS.com or Fedex.com for more info on ordering boxes.

What if I cannot find my clubs on the PAR catalog?

Generally speaking, we do not purchase clubs that are left off the catalog. However, you can call us at (760) 961-4411, or email info@purchaseandresell.com to double check!

What if my club is qualified as “bogey condition” and has zero cash value?

We can either donate the club to charity or we can send it back to you. Shipping is at your expense.

When will I get paid for my trade-in?

You will be paid within two business days after our final appraisal.

Does PAR pay more for clubs with upgraded shafts?

Of course, didn’t you?! This is another reason why we beat the competition! Our staff of PGA and golf industry professionals will be sure to get you the best value possible for the entirety of your trade-in.

Are trade-ins final? At what point can I change my mind?

Trade-ins are final once we have received AND paid for your items. If you change your mind after shipping them and before being paid, we are happy to mail back your items at your expense for shipping.

Why do golf clubs depreciate so fast?

Just like a car, golf clubs depreciate quickly. This is due to a constant surplus of clubs: every year new ones are released on top of the mountain of older clubs still on the market. Even though our trade-in values are topnotch, we do understand that they may not satisfy everyone. If you prefer to sell your club on your own, we are happy to guide you through the process. Please call us at (760) 961-4411 if we can be of help.

What are PAR’s condition ratings?

To be considered ALBATROSS, the club must pass ALL the following conditions:
- No signs of use
- Includes necessary accessories (head cover, wrench, weights, etc.)
To be considered EAGLE, the club must pass ALL the following conditions:
- Groove wear is light
- Clubhead wear is minimal
- The grips are used, but have no wear
- The shaft labels are intact
- Shaft specs are fully legible
The club will be considered BIRDIE if ANY of the following conditions exist:
- Light: groove wear, dents, dings, nicks, scratches, paint chips, rusting, sky marks
- Missing or illegible shaft specs
- Excessive shaft wear
- Excessive grip wear
(Zero cash value. We can donate these for you) The club will be considered BOGEY if ANY of the following conditions exist:
- Heavy: dents, dings, nicks, rusting, cracks
- Shaft cracks, dents
- Heavy groove wear
- Excessive damage to any club component

What if I mistakenly pick the wrong condition for my trade-in?

No problem! When we receive your trade-in, we ask for two business days to allow us to complete a final appraisal. If there are any condition differences from the original quote, we will notify you prior to completing payment. Once we get the green light back from you, we will send the “green paper” to your bank account! If you are not interested in selling at the final appraisal’s value, then we are happy to ship your clubs back to you at your expense.

What if a trade-in gets damaged in the mail en route to PAR?

It is very important to package your items according to the packing instructions provided in your quote confirmation email. Purchase And Resell is not liable for any damage caused in the shipping process when sending us your trade-in.