The Story Behind Tiger Woods' Sunday Red

Tiger Woods wearing red and black on Sundays has become a significant tradition in golf. The reason behind this choice is primarily attributed to his personal superstitions and paying homage to a golfing legend. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Personal Superstition: Tiger Woods has mentioned that he started wearing red on Sundays during his amateur days because his mother, Kultida Woods, believed red was his power color. Woods continued the tradition as he had success while wearing red and developed a personal superstition around it. Red became his signature color associated with final rounds.

  2. Tribute to Arnold Palmer: Another reason for Tiger Woods wearing red on Sundays is to pay tribute to the late Arnold Palmer, one of golf's greatest icons. Arnold Palmer was known for his iconic style of wearing a red cardigan during his own final rounds. Woods has expressed that wearing red on Sundays is his way of honoring and showing respect to Palmer, who was a mentor and friend to him.

  3. Mental Focus and Intimidation: Wearing red may also have psychological and strategic implications. Red is a bold and vibrant color that can evoke feelings of power, confidence, and intensity. It is believed that by wearing red on Sundays, Woods aimed to project a strong and intimidating presence on the golf course, potentially influencing his competitors' mindset.

It's important to note that Woods himself has acknowledged that the choice of attire alone does not guarantee success, but rather it's a personal ritual and a way for him to mentally prepare and honor the game of golf. The red and black combination has become synonymous with his legacy and is often associated with his extraordinary accomplishments in the sport.

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