Grip sizes from SuperStroke to increase your putting stroke

What Is The Benefit Of A Larger Putter Grip?

Using a bigger grip on a putter can offer several benefits to a golfer, and brands like SuperStroke, Ping, Scotty Cameron, and TaylorMade provide excellent options to consider. Firstly, these brands offer larger grip sizes that can help stabilize the hands and wrists during the putting stroke, reducing unwanted movement and promoting a smoother, more consistent motion. The oversized grips from SuperStroke, Ping, Scotty Cameron, and TaylorMade also encourage a lighter grip pressure, as the increased surface area of the grip spreads the pressure across the hands. This lighter grip allows golfers to enhance their touch and feel, enabling them to better sense the feedback from the putter head and greens. Additionally, the bigger grips from these trusted brands help minimize excessive hand action, promoting a more pendulum-like stroke and reducing the tendency for the wrists to break down. By offering improved stability, control, and feel, the larger grips from SuperStroke, Ping, Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, and TaylorMade contribute to more confident and accurate putting performance on the greens.
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