Which Shaft Flex Fits My Golf Swing

Which Shaft Flex Fits My Golf Swing

Choosing the appropriate flex for your golf clubs depends on your swing speed. To determine which flex is best for your swing, first you need to find out your swing speed with a driver. To do so, we recommend you find a local club fitting center. You can use their swing technology to determine your exact swing speed. Once you have your swing speed mph, refer to the chart below to determine your recommended shaft flex.


Senior Flex
Swing speeds up to 75mph
Regular Flex
Swing speeds 76-85mph
Stiff Flex
Swing Speeds 86-95
Extra Stiff Flex
Swing Speeds at least 96mph


If you do not have access to technology to determine your exact swing speed, refer to the perfectly adequate recommendations of shaft flex below.

Ladies Flex:

  • Most ladies will use ladies flex. There are many who use other flexes, but those are usually very experienced and would not be referring to this article.

Senior Flex:

  • Golfers who are 60+ and enjoy golf without overpowering the game.

Regular Flex

  • Golfers who are in their 50s to 60s, but still are very fit, swing hard, and golf often.
  • Golfers younger than 50 who don't try to hit home runs by swinging very hard! 

Stiff Flex:

  • Golfers who are under 40 years old, very strong and athletic, and swing hard!


While I acknowledge not every golfer will fall under those descriptions, I hope many will find this helpful. If you want more guidance on which flex is best for your swing, please contact me! I am excited and eager to help you.

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