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Is it true that Purchase And Resell offers industry-high payouts?


You got it! While most of our rates are above the competition, the rare case of a higher value found elsewhere may arise. If so, we will price match/beat our competition to ensure our highest-price guarantee.


How does Purchase And Resell appraise golf clubs?


Purchase And Resell has created their own golf club database by surveying competitor pricing, current market trends, and eBay resale values for over 4,000 individual golf clubs!!! Clearly defined condition ratings can be found in the adjacent tab.


Where can I find a box to ship golf clubs in?


We suggest calling around to local golf shops, as they usually have many lying around. If you strike out there, you can always purchase multiple tube shaped boxes and combine them into one longer one! Check out USPS.com or Fedex.com for more info on ordering boxes.


What if I cannot find my clubs on the Purchase And Resell catalog?


In more cases than not, we do not purchase clubs that are left off the catalog. However, you can call us at (760) 961-4411, or email info@purchaseandresell.com to double check!


Are all clubs accepted?


Yes! We can donate any club that we cannot find resale value in.


When can I expect the payment check to arrive?


Paypal: Within 24 business hours of us receiving your trade-in.
Check in the mail: Within 7-10 days of us receiving your trade-in.


Do you pay more for clubs with upgraded shafts?


Of course, didn’t you?! This is another reason why we beat the competition! Our staff of PGA and golf industry professionals will be sure to get you the best value possible for the entirety of your trade-in.


Are trade-ins final? At what point can I change my mind?


Trade-ins are final once we have received AND paid for your items. If you change your mind after shipping them and before being paid, we are happy to mail back your items at your expense for shipping.

Condition Ratings

Albatross: These are new golf clubs still in wrapping or golf clubs that show no signs of use.
EagIe: These are LIGHTLY used golf clubs with no
skymarks, major scratches, paint chips, dents, nor
dings. Grooves must have very little wear.
Birdie: These are used golf clubs with one or more
of the following; skymarks, paint chips, moderateheavy
groove wear
Mulligan: These are golf clubs with certain wear
that makes the club harder to resell. (ie: wedges with
extreme groove wear or shafts without labels, drivers
with very small dents)
OB: These are used golf clubs which are not
playable. Examples would be a crack in the shaft or
face, rattle in the head, or a dent.
*Iron sets are defined by 5 consecutive irons including a PW